PRICE: US$1500

Please note:-
We do not rent rooms or book singles, only groups

Minimum 4 people

What's included in the price?

* Airport Transfers from Montego Bay to the villa (including both trips)
* 7 nights - Private villa - breakfast & dinner
* Daily yoga workshops
* Daily Workshops with our nutritionist - take home a menu, ideas and practical plan for the future -
* Meditation & Healing daily
* Massages - 1 per person per week
* Early morning run, yoga on the beach, meditation & swim in the sea (every morning if you like!!)
* Private Residents Beach (please see our
beach page)
* Horse riding in the sea
* Trip on a boat including 2 dives and/or snorkeling

Our practitioners are available any time
We can be flexible with the timetable! In fact we will be designing the time table to suit your needs so you feel comfortable.

Optional extras:-
* Excursion in Jamaica for example to Croyden in the Mountains - a forest reserve nestled in Cockpit country where Sam Sharpe was born - Jamaica's National hero and freedom fighter. Here we will be doing yoga and a trek, or see other options on our
Attractions page

Accommodation Options are as follows:-

Room 1:- 1 King -
or - 2 singles
Room 2:- 1 King -
or - 2 singles
Room 3: 1 King -
or - 2 singles
Room 4: 1 King + 1 double -
or - 2 singles + 1 double
2 fold up beds to go anywhere

Additional 2 bedroom suite
Room 5: 1 double
Room 6: 1 King

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Exodus Retreat Facilitators

A retreat is where we create the ideal conditions for a more profound practice of yoga and meditation. We make time for reflection and develop conscious attention. We are able to get more in tune with our needs, those of others and the environment. Our retreats explore yoga in a natural and quiet setting. They are ideal for people new to yoga or those already experienced. Retreats can be a mixture of yoga, meditation, discussion groups, chat, leisure and other creative and fitness activities. Laughter is also important, not only because it makes us happy, it also has actual health benefits. Laughter completely engages the body and releases the mind. Laughter connects us to others, and that in itself has a healing effect.

We also welcome your partner if they want to share this holiday with you, without doing yoga. For this we have special price arrangements.

Our practitioners will be available whenever needed, giving our guests an opportunity to experience one to one focused attention.
We also value working as a group as sharing and exchanging ideas and experiences is ultimately liberating and uplifting.

Universal Empress

global humanitarian * storyteller * yoga instructor

An evolving yogini for nearly a decade, Nadine McNeil’s yoga practicing experience spans various forms of yoga — Ashtanga, Bikram, Kundalini and Sivananda.

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Jamaican-born global humanitarian, storyteller and yoga instructor, Nadine McNeil combines these three elements to deliver a subtle yet powerful package that she coins,yoga ethnochoreology
A qualified Sivananda yoga instructor, Nadine intuits and leads a practice involving meditation, breath work and movement through asana. 
“Our bodies are instruments, storing all of our life experiences, pleasant and unpleasant.  Yoga, our body art in motion, provides us a unique opportunity to explore where within our bodies that we may be holding onto our stories and provides an outlet that ultimately releases them — thus enabling us to lead more aware, open and fulfilled lives”
Students are also invited to write about their experience throughout the process. “When combined with the yoga, this journaling enables one to transcribe, honor and validate their evolution”


Anthropologist * Artist * Healer * film maker * photographer

Clare Littleton is the owner and hostess of the Exodus Retreat, having spent 9 years creating a sanctuary for creativity and healing for all to enjoy!

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Clare Littleton otherwise know as Layla was given the name Layla whilst living and painting in the ancient cave city of Petra with the Bedouin. Born and raised in East Africa and having travelled the world, through Tibet, Middle East Far East and Africa, Layla came to Jamaica 9 years ago.

Layla has many talents including working as an artist with fine oils on canvas. When she is not busy organizing the villa and working with her amazing staff to make sure your stay is comfortable and enjoyable she will be happy to share her experiences with you.

orah el

artist * healer * teacher

With over 30 years of yoga lifestyle and meditation training, personal practice, teaching and study, Orah El developed Neti Yoga (Sacred Circles).

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Orah has introduced Neti Yoga to hundreds of beginner yoga students. Her gentle hands on approach encourages the novice to have a full yoga experience.This simple system simultaneously relaxes and aligns the body and the super conscious mind.

Through the focus of breath, awareness and posture, one is able to activate the internal energy centers of the body. This practice strengthens the immune system, balances digestive function, increases oxygen levels in the blood, calms the central nervous system, stimulates the harmonic connection between mind, body and emotions and assists in the reconnection of awareness to the Sacred Oneness of Life.

Orah also offers private sessions of Radiance Therapy. Using the power and energy of the Egyptian Mer-Kah-Bah (light body) System. She is able to channel the radiant energy of the sun, grounding it with Earth energy and using those energies like a laser raising the vibrational frequency, to assist the body in healing. This ancient 'hands-on' healing practice, has been passed down from her mother and great grandmother and offered with love. 


nutritionist * herbalist * nurse & midwife * healer

Elizabeth Bentley is a skilled workshop leader exploring nutrition in new and exciting ways. Through group and individual sessions she welcomes you to join her on the journey of becoming more alive, confident and energetic.

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Izie comes with an approach that is both refreshing and practical. Blending the key elements of her life training and work with her years in business she promotes and guides individuals to finding a balanced and harmonious lifestyle that is both contemporary and timeless, energizing and vital.

Using local fruits and vegetables and culinary herbs, many of which are grown on her own land, she creates dishes that will nourish and heal, while her use of Jamaican medicinal bush teas will be used to further enhance re-balancing.

Thirty years ago as a nurse and midwife she saw how nutrition played an essential part of the healing process. She recognized that well-being was multi-faceted and a product of balanced integrated interconnected parts of ourselves. Over many years she studied and practiced meditation, trained in conflict resolution, worked with team building and is a transformation game facilitator. As an entrepreneur she has created several successful businesses.







Feel free to send us a message, if you have any questions at all we will be very happy to help and we will reply to you within the next 24 hours.